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January 26, 2015

Seahawks vs Patriots Live stream HD in usa Free: The Super Bowl is finally here and if you want to catch all the action, you can check out the Seahawks vs Patriots Live stream Ftee HD.

The Super Bowl is not unchartered territory for the Patriots and the Seahawks. The Patriots are looking to return to the glory they reached a decade ago, and the Seahawks are looking to defend their title and be the first team to win back-to-back titles since, well, the Patriots. It’s rare to see the top seeds in the NFC compete in the Super Bowl, and this is exactly what will happen on Sunday. It’s rarer yet that the Super Bowl pits two top seeds which, at their own unique point in the regular season, each looked destined for a tumble.

There are signs that the 49th Super Bowl is going to be an intriguing matchup, and this calls for some predictions. The first prediction is that we shall see Tom Brady throwing at cornerback Richard Sherman. Despite being a leading defensive back in the NFL, Sherman doesn’t scare Tom Brady. When the Seahawks defeated the Patriots after coming from behind in the 2012 regular season, Sherman claims that Brady started trash talking, calling out his opponents for being nobodies. His comments are sure to spice up the match, and at some point in the game, we shall see Brady throwing the pigskin in Sherman’s direction.

The Patriots defense is also going to try to smother Marshall Lynch, who might struggle to cope if the opposing team comes up with an effective game plan. Being a highly talented yet controversial running back, most coaches often concentrate on Lynch during their tactical preparations, and they try to design a game plan to stop him. However, he continues to defy the odds stacked against him, and consistently finds a way to succeed. This regular season, he averaged 4.7 yards while rushing a total of 1,306 yards, which led to 13 touchdowns.

LeGarrette Blount is bound to repeat his outstanding performance in the AFC Championship. Even though Brady is an outstanding quarterback, he still needs a supporting cast. The offensive line needs to dominate and Blount needs to show up on the day. The Patriots will need to see a repeat of the three touchdowns from Blount and his 185 yard runs during the NFC Championship. This will provide the groundwork for Brady to work his magic and provide the Patriots with the points that they need to win the 49th Super Bowl. Be sure to get your Seahawks vs Patriots Live stream UK USA, and get ready for the most anticipated sporting event of 2015.

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