National Football League NFL is said to be the largest professional football league in United States that has lasted for decades. It is coupled with 32 teams who fight for a win in the Super Bowl match which is held at the end of every season.

Every year, all the 32 teams have to undergo NFL power rankings. I know you are probably wondering what NFL teams rankings is. The NFL power rankings provides a detailed look in to the league and further provide predictions through analytical scrutiny . The rankings take in to account a number of factors which include; previous year performance, coaching changes, injuries, off season player and simple projections.

The NFL Ranking became quite popular when Super Bowl XVI made history in 1982 as the most watched sporting event. The NFL itself was formed in 1920 as an organization that could provide firm rules to professional football. During this period power ranking was not very common. The big break for professional football came in the the 90s when tickets sales records were being broken. There was a huge obsession for the American professional football and everyone wanted to know what was going to happen next. As a result, power rankings predictions proved to be quite important.

2015 NFL Rankings

Its never to early for NFL Power rankings. It is that time of the year again when we make predictions. At this time, every piece of NFL minutiae that occurred in the previous game matters.

Top of the list in NFL power rankings 2015 is the Seahawks who came within just one yard to a victory of the Super Bowl. The offensive line has been their biggest concern but they have added Jimmy Graham who plays efficiently on the offensive side.

At number two is the Packers. If were not for the loss of one of their greatest players Jordy Nelson, they might have just taken the number one sport. At number three we have the Patriots who are defending their Super Bowl Championship.

There are still a lot of questions marks to these predictions. It might be too early to anoint the winner at this point. But with previous year projections and performance we just might be right.

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