How to Use NFL Live Stream GamePass iOS App

August 26, 2014

The NFL Game Pass is not available in USA. It is sad because the NFL Game Pass allows its usersto stream Play Off games and Super Bowl on PC, MacBook, iPhone, iPad. But some people have found a way to sign in and use the NFL Game Pass in USA.


The NFLGamePass can detect user’s location by their IP address (a unique number which a user inheritsfrom their ISP when they are online).The IP address will reveal where user’s location is, if the NFL Game Pass finds the user in US then their access will be blocked. But if a user can get an IP address from a country where NFL Game Pass is available, a user can do that by getting his IP address from Virtual Private Network or VPN. When someone is connected to this type of network his devise will receive an IP address from a server in the other end and the user will appear to be located in any country he chooses. It might sound very difficult but actually it quite easy.

Fake Your Location to Access NFL Game Pass from the US

First users need to create an account with a VPN provider. Then they have to choose Hide My Ass VPN.As VPN has servers in more than 50 countries around the world, it is not possible to detect user’s real location. And its speed is very good and very easy to use.

When the user is signed up, he can simply install the application on his PC or Mac. The users get manual settings for their mobile devises after that. After having installed the application, users have to log in with their account info from Hide My Ass VPN, then they have to choose a server located outside US. Users can choose any location, but they should not choose UK, Canada or Ireland, as they have black out restriction. After choosing the location they have to click ‘connect’ and after few seconds, they will be connected and they will appear to be in the country they chose. And the user will be allowed sign up and use NFL Game Pass. The user now just has to fill out the account info and his original billing info and he is good to go.He will just need to remain connected with VPN each time he wants to use his NFL Game Pass account and he can watch all the content he likes.

This arrangement can also be used in iPhone or iPad. But the problem is this app is not available in US market. If a user wants to install the NFL Game Pass app on his IOS device he needs to change the location of his iTunes Account.This can be very easily done by searching eBay for a gift card for the UK iTunes store and redeeming it. That way the location of the user’s iTunes account will be changed and he candownload and install the NFL Game Pass app from the UK iTunes store.

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